OREOs and the Knights Templar: A Humorous Journey Through History and Flavor

OREOs and the Knights Templar: A Humorous Journey Through History and Flavor

Alright, let's dive into the deliciously mysterious world of the OREO cookie, possibly the most enigmatic and chuckle-worthy biscuit to ever grace our pantries. Picture this: the OREO, not just a cookie but the Holy Grail of snack-time, with its legendary creme filling and cookie wholesomeness that could make a grown man weep with joy.

Did you know? If you laid out all the OREOs ever sold, you could wrap them around the globe 341 times. That's a lot of cookie mileage! But here's the kicker: amidst all that dunking and munching, did anyone ever pause, mid-bite, to ponder the Knights Templar symbols hiding in plain sight on their OREO? Probably not, because let's be honest, who's thinking about medieval history when there's creamy filling to be savored?

Back in my days as a slightly chubbier, blissfully unaware kid in Southern California, OREOs were my jam. I wasn't one of those "lick the creme and then eat the cookie" kind of kids. No, sir. I was an all-in-one, dunk-it-in-milk kind of cookie monster.

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty: the symbols. In 1952, some cookie wizard, probably in a secret cookie lab and possibly with a Templar knight poster on the wall, designed the OREO we know and love. And bam! The Cross of Lorraine smack dab on the cookie, carried by the Knights Templar themselves. Plus, there are exactly 12 Templar Cross Pattees, dots, and dashes dancing around in a circle on the cookie. Coincidence? Or a secret cookie crusade?

Paul Goldberger, an architectural critic, hit the nail on the head in 1986 when he said the OREO is designed as consciously as buildings, and sometimes even better. Who knew cookies could be so architecturally profound?

And get this: the word "OREO" itself might just be a nod to the ancient words for "light" and "dawn." So, in a way, munching on an OREO is like biting into a piece of history, a homage to the watchers of the night sky, the morning star, and maybe even a fallen angel or two.

So, next time you're about to devour that OREO, remember: you're not just eating a cookie; you're indulging in a piece of celestial history. And who knows? Maybe that creamy center isn't just delicious filling but the light of the morning star itself, shining out to all the snack-loving souls out there. Let's all take a moment to dunk our dark shells into the milk of human kindness and reveal our inner, shiny cream filling to the world.

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