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    Topics We're Interested In:

    • The history and mysteries of the Knights Templar
    • Historical lessons and their application in the modern era
    • Analysis and cultural significance of symbols and legends
    • Stories about historical sites, architecture
    • Travel guides and experiences related to the Knights Templar
    • Reviews of books, movies, and artworks related to the theme

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    • Originality: Submissions must be your original work and not previously published elsewhere.
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    • Length: We prefer articles ranging from 500 to 2000 words.
    • Images: If including images, please ensure you have the right to use them or they are in the public domain.
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    Submission Process:

    1. Pitch Your Idea: Initially, send us a summary of your idea via Facebook message [https://www.facebook.com/templarXIII/]. We want to know about the topic you wish to write on, your approach, and why it's a good fit for Templar Blog's readers.
    2. Feedback: Our editorial team will review your idea and respond within [5 days]. If your idea is accepted, we will guide you on the next steps.
    3. Submit Your Full Article: After your idea is approved, you can start writing and submit your complete article to us.

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