5 Things you should know about the Templar Cross

5 Things you should know about the Templar Cross

The Templar Cross is a symbol representing the Order of the Knights Templar, which is a religious as well as a military order from the chivalry of the Middle Ages. The members belonging to this order are known as "Templars,” hence the name Templar Cross.

If you would like to know more about the Templar Cross and his origins, you are at the right place because in this article we will talk about 5 things to know about the Templar Cross.

In this article, you will discover : 

  • What's the Templar Cross real name ?
  • Why Knights Templar have different crosses ?
  • Why is the Templar Cross Red ?
  • The First Templar Cross ?
  • From where the Vermilion Cross comes from ?

After reading this article, you'll know a little more about the Cross that significantly influenced the Middle Ages.


5) The Cross of Gules might have come from elsewhere

It is possible that the Templar Cross may have originated from the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of which the founder of the order Hugues de Payns and his comrades-in-arms would have been a member. In fact, it was under the control of Robert de Craon, who was then second master of the order, that the cross officially became a Templar badge.

4) The Vermilion Cross is not the first cross adopted by the Knights Templar

Indeed, before this cross that we all know as the Templar Cross, there were several other cross representative of the Templar order. The vermilion cross, which is still in use today, was granted to the Templars in 1147 by Pope Eugene III, giving them the right to wear it on their left shoulder, on the same side as their heart. It would also represent the permanent vow of a crusade in which the Templars pledged to participate at all times, despite the fact that not all Templars actually participated in a crusade.

3) It is not red by chance...

The cross of the Templars was used to demonstrate their belonging to Christianity. This is why no details were left to chance. Have you ever wondered why the Templar cross is always red? Quite simply because the red reminds us of the unspilled by Christ.

2) His geometry is controversial :

One question that many would have already asked would be "what is the exact geometry of the Templar cross ? "On this subject, scientists have not yet agreed. Is the Templar Cross pattée or indented ? We can't give you an answer. Moreover, due to this controversy, the various Templar crosses that you may encounter in different churches will not all have the same appearance. This difference is due to the fact that there are different orders such as the Teutonic Order, the Order of Malta, the Templar Order and the Order of the Holy Sepulcher. These are the most popular orders to this day and they all have a different cross.

1) His real name is actually "Vermilion Cross"

Other to this appellation, it is also known as the "cross of gules" (croix de gueules). This cross was introduced in 1147, 18 years after the foundation of the Templar Order on January 13, 1129. But because the cross became the symbol of the movement, it was renamed the Templar cross, or "cross of the temple militia. »

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