Jerusalem Cross

Jerusalem Cross: A Symbol of History and Faith

The Jerusalem Cross, also known as the "Crusaders' Cross," is a unique historical and religious symbol, embodying deep meanings and values in both the history and Christian faith. Designed with a large central cross and four smaller crosses at each corner, the Jerusalem Cross is not just a religious emblem but also a significant part of Jerusalem's history.

The Jerusalem Cross emerged in history during the Crusades. The large central cross represents Jesus Christ, while the four smaller crosses symbolize the four Gospels, or the spread of the Gospel from Jerusalem to the four corners of the world.

During the Crusades, the Jerusalem Cross was used as the emblem of the Kingdom of Jerusalem - a Christian state established in the Middle East. This symbol represented not only faith but also the power and influence of the Crusader knights in the region.
arms of the Kingdom of Jerusalem

(arms of the Kingdom of Jerusalem)

For many Christians, the Jerusalem Cross is also a symbol of the wounds of Jesus Christ during His Passion. The five crosses represent the five wounds He suffered on the cross.

The Jerusalem Cross is not just a religious symbol but also an integral part of Christian history and culture. It reminds us of the significant historical events of the Crusades and symbolizes the deep faith and rich history of Jerusalem. Despite the passage of time, the Jerusalem Cross retains its value and meaning, becoming a timeless symbol through generations.

Jerusalem cross on a silver coin

Jerusalem cross on a silver coin of James II of Cyprus (1463-1473)

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