The Maltese Cross-the Cross of Saint John

The Maltese Cross-the Cross of Saint John

The Maltese Cross, also known as the Cross of Saint John, is a symbol that originated with the Knights Hospitaller (also known as the Order of Saint John) around the 16th century. This order was a group of knights that originated during the Crusades and became known for their care of the sick and poor in the Holy Land, which is how they earned their name "Hospitallers." The cross is an emblem of their commitment to faith, charity, and their willingness to aid the sick and the needy.

Malta Cross

The Maltese Cross is characterized by its unique shape: it has four arrowhead-shaped arms that converge at the center. The edges of the arms are indented, making it appear as though each arm has two points, which results in a total of eight points on the cross. These eight points are said to symbolize the eight obligations or aspirations of the knights, which include living in truth, having faith, repenting of sins, giving proof of humility, loving justice, being merciful, being sincere and whole-hearted, and enduring persecution.

Over time, the Maltese Cross has been adopted by various organizations, especially fire departments and emergency services, as a symbol of protection and a badge of honor, representing the principles of courage, valor, and charity. Its association with the Knights Hospitaller's dedication to aiding those in need and its distinct design make it a powerful symbol of service and sacrifice.

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Bnothers, l’m a Templar Knight, knighted at both Knights international in Ireland and the Magdalene Priory in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and have been wondering how does one join the Hospitalier, also I am a Canadian Armed Forces Veteran with 28+ years of service who has been in combat tours in Germany for 6 years during and the end of the Cold War, Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan, looking forward in hearing back Sir Roch Gauthier CD.

Roch Gauthier

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